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We Are WooWooWear!

Your zodiac personality doesn’t belong in a box, so we won’t put you in one! Ever!

WooWooWear offers vibrant and unique Astrology-inspired apparel and accessories… 

Beyond just your zodiac label by tapping into each star sign's full, creative expression. 

We are a team of outlandishly creative ladies who curate designs and content… 

To bring out the best in you and your star placements

We come together to form all four elements of the zodiac… 

To explore the full expression of Astrology and share it with you through art.


For Astrology Nerds. By Astrology Nerds.

Meet the team! 

Our Earth Signs, we’d be nowhere without our executive team leaders

They’re the lead game planners and game changers that keep this boat afloat! 

Meet Juliet and Princess!

Our Air Signs serve communication and marketing ideas like no other. 

If you engage with us on social media, you’ll chat it up with one of our beloved air signs

Meet Alex, Kira, and Amina.

Our Water Sign is the creative genius who inspires many aspects of our collection. 

She is the color and soul of the team. Meet Theresa!

Our Rising Fire Sign keeps us on our toes and teaches us how to take risks. 

Her bold and brave perspectives ensure we pursue cutting-edge ideas that our audience loves. 

Meet Maria!


Love your cosmic merch as much as we do!? 

Tag us on Instagram wearing our merch! 🖤

Connecting with you is one of our top core values… 

As is our commitment to quality and integrity behind every purchase. 

We’re excited to expand our creative collections and WooWoo community… 

As we seek alternative and fun ways… 

To make our cosmic obsessions

Accessible to horoscope-loving humans like you.


Meet Our In-House Astrologer, Maria!

Maria is a distinguished astrologer and licensed psychologist with an impressive track record in crafting insightful horoscopes and authoring articles on spiritual growth, mental wellness, and self-development

Since 2019, she has been providing clients with tailored guidance that is both intuitive and grounded in her deep knowledge of psychology and astrology.

Maria's career trajectory has been fueled by a passion for the written word, which led her to pursue a degree in journalism during her early twenties

However, as she delved deeper into her studies, she felt a stirring within her to explore the spiritual and mystical realm

This inner calling propelled her towards a career that fuses her writing and psychic talents to decode the symbolic messages of the cosmos and make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Today, Maria has built a global reputation as a trusted advisor, connecting with individuals from all walks of life to provide personalized birth chart readings, assist with personal challenges, and disseminate her transformative insights through enlightening articles

Her commitment to unlocking her clients' potential is unwavering, and her guidance has empowered countless individuals to lead more fulfilling lives.

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