Weekly Astrology Forecast July 3 - July 9, 2023 - How the Astrological Events Will Impact Your Zodiac Sign

Weekly Astrology Forecast July 3 - July 9, 2023 - How the Astrological Events Will Impact Your Zodiac Sign

Jul 03 — Full moon in Capricorn

Jul 06 — Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

Jul 09 — Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces


Summer is beginning in the Northern Hemisphere and winter has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. Wherever you are, a new season has begun and with it the end of a cycle in our lives. 

On July 3rd we will experience a full moon in Capricorn. Full moons are powerful moments that mark the culmination and completion of a cycle. 

With the Moon in the practical and down-to-earth Capricorn, this lunar phase encourages us to commit to our projects and goals with determination. It's also a time to reap the rewards of the intentions we set a few weeks earlier. 

This full moon invites us to take stock of our progress, celebrate our achievements, and assess how we can continue to improve our professional and personal lives.

Moving forward to July 6, Mercury in Cancer will make a favorable sextile aspect to Uranus, the planet of innovation and creativity. 

This transit ignites our intellect and allows us to see our problems from a fresh and unique perspective! It encourages us to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to our daily challenges. 

It's a wonderful opportunity to break out of mental patterns and discover new ways of approaching our lives. This aspect supports inventive ideas and can inspire us to take risks in the pursuit of personal growth.

On July 9, Mercury forms a favorable trine to Neptune, the planet of spirituality and intuition. This alignment bridges the gap between the logical and the mystical, allowing us to tap into the realm of higher consciousness. 

Our intuition and psychic abilities can be heightened during this time, and we can gain profound insights that transcend ordinary understanding. 

It's an excellent day to explore spiritual practices, engage in creative pursuits, and connect with our inner wisdom. This transit encourages us to listen to our intuition and trust the subtle guidance that comes from within.

Now, let’s see how these astrological events will impact each zodiac sign!


Aries, with the Full Moon in Capricorn, you feel a surge of ambition and drive that makes you eager to overcome any challenges that come your way and achieve your goals. 

This empowering transit fuels your determination to get things done. But in the midst of your forward momentum, take a moment to reflect on the road you have traveled. Appreciate the efforts you have made to get to where you are today. 

Recognizing and celebrating your progress will give you the resilience and motivation you need to keep going. 

Remember, recognizing your accomplishments not only honors your hard work but also strengthens your resolve for the challenges that lie ahead. 


Taurus, get ready for an exciting week ahead as you witness numerous doors opening on your path. You are a cautious individual, but allow yourself to walk on the wild side for a while.

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks. For true growth and a more fulfilling life come from venturing into the unknown. 

Embrace the opportunities that come your way, even if they seem unconventional. Once you dare to take chances and explore uncharted territory, you'll discover new dimensions of yourself and open doors to a future full of possibilities. 


This week you may find yourself dwelling too much on past mistakes and unresolved issues. It's time to throw off the shackles of regret and embrace the future that lies ahead. 

Release the weight of what cannot be changed and make room in your mind and heart for new beginnings. You have the power to start over, armed with the wisdom you've gained from your experiences. 

Let go of what no longer serves and remember that your past experiences have shaped you into the resilient and knowledgeable person you are today. Look forward with optimism and seize the opportunity to create a brighter future.


Get ready for an active week in your love life as the full moon illuminates your romance zone. This is your time to take your relationship to the next level, no matter how long you've been together. 

It's a moment to commit, plan and build a solid foundation for your long-term future. Embrace the energy of this lunar phase and let it guide you towards a stable and lasting love affair. 

Open your heart and express your deepest feelings. Discuss your dreams and desires with your partner, for this is the perfect time to align your visions. Allow the feelings you have for each other to shape a beautiful future together.


Leo, your productivity levels are at an all-time high this week. You're feeling a surge of energy that will enable you to accomplish more than you thought possible. So take advantage of this momentum by planning your week ahead in a streamlined and organized manner. 

Create a detailed agenda, prioritize tasks, and tackle your pending issues head-on! The more organized you are, the more efficiently you can complete your tasks and clear your plate. And guess what? The reward for your efficiency is precious free time. 

With your tasks efficiently managed, you'll have extra moments to indulge your passions, spend quality time with loved ones, or simply relax and recharge. So make the most of every minute. 

Embrace your innate leadership skills, delegate when necessary, and try to make this part of your daily life. 


Are you ready to unleash your creativity this week? You'll feel a surge of inspiration inviting you to engage in an artistic pursuit of your choice. Whether it's writing, dancing, singing, painting or any other form of creative expression, now is the time to dive in. 

This is also an opportunity to let go of your overly rational mind and explore the depths of your inner self. Beyond problem solving, there's a world of imagination and artistic brilliance waiting to be discovered!

An artistic endeavor will provide an outlet for self-expression and allow you to connect with your emotions on a deeper level. There's a lot of freedom and joy that comes with the creative process. Don't worry about perfection or judgment - let your instincts guide you. Enjoy the process rather than focusing solely on the end result.

So pick up a pen, put on your dancing shoes, or grab a paintbrush - let your creative spirit soar and let your inner artist shine.


Libra, your focus this week is on your family life. The full moon may bring some tension between your loved ones, and you will be called upon to act as a mediator. 

As the peacemaker of the zodiac, this is your time to shine. Remain calm, collected and diplomatic as you navigate the conflicts that may arise. Use your natural skills of fairness and balance to find solutions that satisfy everyone involved. 

Your ability to restore harmony in your family is a precious gift. Embrace this role and bring your loved ones together with understanding and empathy. 


It's time to take a closer look at how you communicate with others. Your words carry great responsibility because they have the power to shape perceptions and influence the ideas of others. 

Try to be clear, authentic, and mindful in your social interactions. Express yourself honestly and directly, leaving little room for misinterpretation. 

I also advise you to protect your privacy on social media.  Assess what information you are comfortable sharing and set boundaries accordingly. This will alleviate some of your anxiety in the long run. 


The full moon in Capricorn brings good news for your financial life. But don't forget that Capricorn emphasizes hard work and dedication! 

Those who have taken their luck for granted or sought shortcuts may not experience the financial success they desire. Take this as a reminder to embrace diligence and dedication in your pursuits. 

You are also called to cultivate a sense of gratitude and count your blessings. Adopting an abundance mindset will help you change your perspective on money and life in general. 

By combining your adventurous spirit with a grounded approach, you can successfully navigate the financial realm and manifest greater abundance.


With the full moon in your sign, you can expect to feel very empowered this week. Your confidence will soar, allowing you to embrace your authoritative nature and make improvements in all aspects of your life. 

Take this opportunity to reflect on the kind of boss, colleague, partner or parent you want to be. Set clear intentions and work diligently to embody these qualities. 

Your hard work and dedication will bring you closer to becoming the best version of yourself. This is your time to step into your power and move toward your highest aspirations.


Aquarius, this week offers an incredible opportunity to make great strides in your spiritual journey. Step out of the spotlight for a while and dive deep into the stillness within. What happens when you connect with your most authentic self and nurture your spiritual essence?

Spend some time alone surrounded by the beauty of nature. You can benefit from engaging in meditation and other spiritual practices that resonate with you. This is a time to go within, to listen to the whispers of your soul. Enjoy.


This week you are called to take a more practical and grounded approach to your social circles. If some of your friends don't treat you the way you deserve, it's okay to set clear boundaries and, if necessary, walk away. 

Your compassionate and understanding nature is admirable, but that doesn't mean you have to forgive everyone! Just as you protect and care for others, remember to protect yourself. 

Surround yourself with people who value you, respect you and support you on your journey.

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