Weekly Astrology Forecast July 10 - July 16, 2023 - How the Astrological Events Will Impact Your Zodiac Sign

Weekly Astrology Forecast July 10 - July 16, 2023 - How the Astrological Events Will Impact Your Zodiac Sign

Jul 10 — Mercury enters Leo

Jul 14 — Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

Feeling more confident lately? On July 10, the cosmic stage welcomes the arrival of Mercury as it enters the realm of Leo, infusing our thoughts and communications with a creative and passionate energy. 

With this celestial shift, our confidence gets a well-deserved boost, encouraging us to be more outgoing and expressive in our social interactions. 

At the same time, our minds become fertile ground for innovative and imaginative ideas, as our focus shifts to the big picture rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae.

Under the influence of Mercury in Leo, it is the perfect time to grab the spotlight and shine brightly. Our passions ignite within us, driving us to take center stage and fearlessly express our unique talents and desires. 

This is your time to confidently express your dreams and attract the support and cooperation of the right allies who can help manifest them into reality. With this newfound confidence, you have the power to bring your creative visions to life and leave an indelible mark on the world.

Looking ahead to July 14, the Sun in Cancer forms a harmonious sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, intensifying our need for differentiation and self-expression. 

This cosmic alignment urges us to embrace our individuality and present our authentic selves, while remaining grounded in our roots and remembering our foundations. 

The call to be unique and true to ourselves becomes even more compelling as we navigate the delicate balance between breaking free from societal expectations and honoring our origins.

During this time, it is crucial to tap into our innate creativity and think outside the box. Embrace the freedom to be different, to explore unconventional paths, and to pursue our passions with unwavering conviction. 

Without further ado, let's take a look at how these transits manifest in each zodiac sign.


The universe is beckoning you to embrace your natural leadership skills and embark on a project that will ignite your artistic soul. Take charge, for your fiery spirit and innovative ideas have the power to illuminate anything you set your mind to do. Trust your instincts, for they will lead you to the perfect artistic endeavor that allows you to express your true essence. Unleash your passion, lead fearlessly and inspire others with your vision. This is your time to shine, Aries, as you embrace your creative abilities and leave an unforgettable mark on the world around you.


Taurus, in this creative environment you are drawn to delve into the depths of your past and heritage. Embrace this exploratory process as it leads you to a treasure trove of memories. Consider capturing your experiences and wisdom in writing, creating a beautiful compilation for future generations to cherish. It's a great time to revisit your hometown, relive nostalgic moments, and uncover the stories of your beloved relatives. Embracing your roots gives you a deep sense of connection and belonging that can make you feel more confident in your everyday life. Let the richness of your history inspire you, Taurus, as you create a lasting legacy that celebrates the beauty of your journey.


Your already exceptional communication skills take center stage this week, making this a remarkable time for public speaking, advertising, and expanding your network of contacts. Feel the call to exude confidence in your own abilities and boldly present them to as many people as possible. Your words have the power to captivate and inspire, so seize this opportunity to connect with a wide audience and leave a lasting impression. Embrace the versatility that defines you, and effortlessly adapt your message to resonate with diverse audiences. 


Cancer, prepare for a powerful boost to your self-esteem this week. Feel the surge of confidence that drives you to let go of business projects and jobs that do not honor your efforts and talents, and to prioritize your own passions instead of relentlessly fulfilling the expectations of others. Nurture a path you're passionate about, because your time is too precious to waste on endeavors that don't align with your authentic self. In short, trust your instincts and invest in what ignites your soul. 


Get ready to bask in an extra dose of confidence and outgoing energy as Mercury enters your sign. This is your golden opportunity to embark on a new project or proudly share your work with the world. Your presence is impossible to ignore as your vibrant personality shines in any crowd. With your communication skills at their peak, you can use the power of your words to tackle and solve any challenges that come your way. Let your voice be heard, Leo, for your charisma and natural leadership skills will lead you to success and admiration. 


How much do you share with others and what do you keep to yourself? As a reserved sign, you tend to suppress much of your life, only to reach a breaking point where you overshare. Finding the right balance is essential to navigating life successfully. Embrace vulnerability and open up when it feels right, sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences with trusted confidants. At the same time, honor your need for privacy and discretion.


Libra, prepare for a vibrant and active social life this week. You have a unique opportunity to find your tribe and surround yourself with people who align with your authentic self. Instead of wasting time with those who don't appreciate your true essence, seek out like-minded individuals who share your values and passions. Also, working with a team of like-minded people will produce exceptional results and a sense of belonging. Together you can accomplish great things and inspire each other to reach new heights. 


A surge of inspiration and motivation will ignite your drive to plan for both your long-term and short-term goals. Your mind is focused on your passions this week and nothing can stop you from pursuing them. With your strong will and determination, you are ready to face any obstacle that stands in the way of your success. Take this wave of energy and channel it into strategic planning and decisive action. Your resilience and intensity will propel you forward, Scorpio, as you fearlessly navigate the path to your aspirations. Trust in your inner power and let it lead you to extraordinary achievements.


Sagittarius, a philosophical shift is imminent as Mercury enters your house of beliefs and philosophy this week. It's the perfect time to question whether the principles that govern your life are truly aligned with your heart's desires. Let your curiosity guide you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Embrace the joy that comes from venturing into new horizons and experiences. Your mind is expanding, so make the most of it by engaging in meaningful conversations and seeking wisdom from diverse sources.


It's time to summon your inner warrior and fearlessly embrace the mysteries that lie within your life and the world around you. With determination and courage, dive into the depths of your mind, no matter how dark it is, as you seek the truth that will ignite profound self-development. The challenges that arise are stepping stones on your path to growth, so embrace them with confidence. Also, trust your instincts and let your inner compass guide you as you unravel the hidden layers of your existence. Through this bold exploration, Capricorn, you will emerge stronger, wiser and more empowered than ever before. 


Your charm and confidence are through the roof this week, allowing you to communicate with greater ease and express your feelings with passionate intensity. Don't hold back, dear Aquarius. Pour out your emotions and wear your heart on your sleeve. The time is ripe to connect deeply and authentically with your significant other, so what are you waiting for? Embrace vulnerability for it is the gateway to deep connections. Let your words flow and your passion shine as you fearlessly express the depths of your heart.


Expect a surge of vitality this week. Use this energy to tackle your pending tasks and accomplish what needs to be done. The universe is giving you the opportunity to organize your schedule and manage your time with greater efficiency. So embrace structure and prioritize your responsibilities, as this will create a sense of clarity and productivity. Remember, with focus and determination, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way. Trust your abilities and tap into your natural flow. 

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