What March has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign...

As we transition into the Aries season on March 21st, we are invited to begin a new cycle in our lives that aligns with our true purpose. But before we do, we must close the cycles that have already reached their peak. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, carries a diffuse and compassionate energy that prepares us for this transition.
What March has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign...

March is an important time astrologically, with a number of significant events that will bring about major and decisive changes in our lives. The entry of Saturn, the planet of discipline, limitation, and commitment, into the compassionate and dreamy sign of Pisces on March 7th marks the beginning of a very fertile period.


During this transit, we have the opportunity to put our imaginations into action and look for practical ways to bring our dreams into reality. It's time to get out of our heads and plant our feet firmly on the ground, finding new ways to make our fantasies come true.


On March 16th, Venus moves into her ruling sign of Taurus, making our relationships more sensual, luxurious, and enjoyable. This is a time to ground ourselves in our physical senses and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Traditional romance will rule the dating scene, so don't resist and enjoy being treated like the deity you are.


However, our minds will be moving at the speed of light when Mercury enters passionate Aries on March 18th. It may be hard to keep quiet, especially about issues that touch your heart. It's important to keep your words and thoughts in line with your actions, without letting impulsiveness get the best of you.


Under this astrological setting, we tend to be more aggressive, so take a deep breath before reacting to your circumstances.



The month ends with an extremely important event, the entry of Pluto into Aquarius on March 23rd. For the first time in decades, the planet of transformation and regeneration will arrive in the creative and humanitarian water bearer, bringing important changes to our society as a whole.


While these astrological transits will affect different areas of our lives, they will have a greater impact on some areas depending on our zodiac sign. Read on to discover the opportunities that March has in store for your sign.



The first few weeks of March are going to be very introspective, Aries, and that's because the Sun is tapping into a very deep, spiritual area of your birth chart. Take as much time as you need to get in touch with yourself, to meditate, and to engage in whatever practices will enhance your spiritual well-being.


Your season and birthday are coming up, and you need to recharge all your batteries to get off on the right foot! The more you protect your boundaries now, the more you will enjoy the new adventures and relationships that lie ahead.


Follow your intuition and don't be afraid to disappoint others! You are the number one priority right now.



As Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Taurus on March 16, you can expect your relationships to take center stage this month.


Your sensual and luxurious nature will be highlighted, making you even more charming and irresistible to those around you.


It's an excellent time to work on your self-esteem and self-worth. The more you value your time, energy and essence, the more you'll attract people who do the same.


This is also a time to indulge in the simple pleasures of life and focus on self-care. Remember to ground yourself in practicality and commitment while embracing the beautiful energy of Venus in your sign.




With your ruling Mercury moving into bold and action-oriented Aries this month, this is no time to play it safe, Gemini.


The universe wants you to be more assertive and take concrete action toward your goals, especially those you've been putting off lately.


Use this encouraging energy to communicate your ideas and aspirations to others, no matter how quirky they may seem to you.


You have a unique opportunity to become more independent in many areas of your life. With the right balance of passion and logic, you can make great strides toward achieving your wildest dreams.




March's astrological setting brings various opportunities to expand your outlook on life. You're likely to be drawn to explore new intellectual and spiritual pursuits, as the universe encourages you to seek knowledge in areas that interest you.


Cancer, you may feel a deep desire to expand your understanding of the world and your spiritual mission in life. Traveling and breaking free from your daily routine could be an exciting way to discover your inner purpose.


This is a time to embrace change and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, especially with regard to your faith. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to see what else is out there.




March is full of experiences and lessons that force you to bring out the most resilient and determined side of your personality.


You are ready to let go of any habits or experiences that undermine your true potential. It's not always easy to confront your shadow self, but it's the most direct way to make real and lasting changes.


Trust your spiritual masters and remember that you are never alone, even in those moments when you feel most lost and confused. It is all part of the plan.




The Pisces season acts as a healing balm, softening your rough edges and giving you a more compassionate outlook on life.


No matter how much your mind resists, Virgo! You begin to accept those experiences and situations that have no logical explanation because they come directly from the divine realm.


At the same time, your relationships will take center stage in your life, bringing you great insights and shifts in perspective. You are likely to be attracted to people you never imagined. Open the door of your heart to them, Virgo. They have great teachings to offer.




The Sun in Pisces invites you to protect your well-being from any experience, relationship, or environment that threatens your happiness and peace of mind.


This means learning to set firmer boundaries and connect with your inner wisdom before making decisions, Libra.


You may be used to taking on more work than you should, or letting other people walk all over you to avoid conflict. Well, all that has come to an end.


Practice self-compassion and your life will take a healthier and more positive turn.




As Pluto enters Aquarius, Scorpio, you may experience a deep transformation in your personal relationships and social connections.


The universe is urging you to let go of old patterns and embrace new ways of relating to others. You may feel a strong urge to connect with those who share your deepest values and beliefs.


Be aware, however, that this transit can also bring up deep-seated fears and insecurities about trust and intimacy. Use this time to confront and heal these issues so that you can move forward with greater clarity and confidence.




Expect an emotional and nostalgic period, Sagittarius, which is unusual for your adventurous spirit. You may feel a strong desire to create a sense of security and stability in your living environment by spending more time indoors and decorating your space.


This is an excellent time to tackle any home improvement projects or to create a peaceful sanctuary for yourself. You may also find yourself feeling nostalgic and drawn to spending time with family and loved ones.


Use this time to connect with your roots and appreciate the people who have helped shape your life.




As your ruling Saturn enters Pisces, Capricorn, you may find yourself experiencing a shift in your focus toward spirituality and everything related to the divine realm.


This transit may bring up deep-seated emotions and fears that you may have been avoiding or repressing. However, with Saturn's influence, you are being called to confront these issues and take responsibility for your healing and growth.


Trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice before making any decision. Use this time to deepen your understanding of yourself and to build a strong foundation for your spiritual journey.




The lord of the underworld is about to enter your sign, Aquarius, so you may feel the beginning of a powerful transformation within yourself.


This transformative transit could inspire you to explore your deepest desires and move beyond your emotional comfort zone.


Be open to change and don't be afraid to take risks, even if it means letting go of people or places that are familiar. This could be a time of immense growth and personal evolution if you choose it, Aquarius.


Embrace your individuality and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Trust your intuition and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you. Exciting times are ahead!




Happy Birthday Pisces! You may feel a heightened sense of sensitivity and intuition, which are your natural qualities and defining characteristics. You may feel more empathetic and compassionate toward yourself, which will encourage you to make self-exercise a top priority.


Allow yourself time for self-reflection and introspection, no matter how many social events are on your agenda. This could be a time of great creativity and imagination, so don't be afraid to let your artistic side shine through.


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